NCL Company Profile

Strength by design

Providing Consulting Services since 1990

Nancekivell Consultants Ltd (NCL) was formed in its original entity in 1990, and is proudly New Zealand owned and operated. NCL provides multi-disciplinary design services, with a diverse team of Structural Engineers, Civil Engineers and Drafting Specialists. We can manage projects at every stage while providing the best advice and guidance.

Benefits of a Multi-Disciplinary Consultancy

It pays to work with a consultancy that offers a range of different services under one roof. A one-stop-shop, as it were, for each stage of the design of a project. At NCL we can offer both civil and structural services, enabling us to oversee projects from initial land development stage right through to a completed building being constructed. Each department specialises in their discipline, while also providing knowledge exchange on projects. Effective communication across disciplines means all contributors are dedicated to achieving the same end goal: client satisfaction.

Technology and Innovation

NCL invests in the latest BIM and CAD technology to ensure the best design and engineering options are provided to clients. Embracing the latest software and tools, improves project delivery from early-stage design through to construction. Improved operational efficiency reduces errors and design time, resulting in considerable savings to clients. Our unique blend of vision and new technologies enables us to offer unparalleled service and value to clients.

Committed to Service and Quality

We are committed to New Zealand industry best-practices with quality management, work health and safety and risk management systems in place. We have developed our own streamlined time tracking, document creation & project management system, which keeps jobs on track every step of the way. NCL believe in providing services that not only adhere to industry and regulatory codes but are also of the highest standards.

Responsive to Clients

Our company offers the advantages of having the senior partners working directly on projects, meaning maximum experience is applied to all phases of the work. We believe in the importance of building strong, solid relationships, and we make it our priority to stay approachable and responsive to our clients. Choosing NCL gives you expertise and security equal to a larger consultancy, coupled with the bespoke individual feel of a local practice.

Close Collaboration

With over 30 years of experience as engineering consultants in Auckland, NCL has built trusting relationships with many allied businesses such as architects, surveyors and construction companies. Our experience enables us to offer technical leadership at the highest level, providing effective co-collaboration with all stakeholders and participating parties, quickly, efficiently and reliably.

Whether this is your first project or you’re an experienced developer, get your job done with NCL. Contact us today, and let us support you through the construction process – we believe in providing Strength By Design.